OpenEdition Counter 5 Service Documentation


This documentation is available in French and English. Expand the “Read the Docs” panel at the bottom of the sidebar to see the different versions.

Cette documentation est disponible en français et en anglais. Cliquez sur le menu “Read the Docs” en bas à gauche pour accéder aux différentes versions linguistiques.

This application allows institutions and consortia subscribing to OpenEdition Freemium for Journals or OpenEdition Freemium for Books to access their usage statistics for the OpenEdition platform in Counter 5 format.

OpenEdition’s Counter 5 service is regularly certified by an independent audit.

Counter audit passed

The COUNTER Code of Practice for Release 5 is available on Counter Website:

The Code of Practice 5.0.1 has been translated into French thanks to the efforts of the Inist-CNRS and the consortium:

Counter 5 reports are available: